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Vladimir Cauchemar – Aulos

“That flute is gold.” The haunting and taunting notes from it is both eerie and genius. Got to us immediately and we wanted more from Vladimir Cauchemar’s ‘Aulos’.

Your mind can go insane listening to this.

“What do I need to do?”

“What was I doing, just now?”

“What am I doing, at the moment?”

“What am I?”

“Where am I going?”

“This desk just doesn’t feel right.”

But it feels right.

Just like the above ranting, the song is an anomaly. A quack of a song that pinches the nerves that indicate what ‘ridiculousness’ and ‘pseudo-science’ could and would be.

Then that line gets blurred.

You start to enjoy it.

You start to bop your head to it.

“No, I mustn’t.”

But you can’t help it.

It’s a meme, to an effect.

“What have we gotten ourselves into??”

Well, all we can tell is that Cauchemar has put that big 4 feet of Jello inside that outdoor pool, and we’re glad to jump into it.

Who the fu*k cares anymore.

Cauchemar is rep’ed by by those fab folks at Ed Banger Records, in Paris France.

Kudos, Vladimir. Kudos.

You made our heads spin and hurt.

We dig.



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