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Voice of Doom – Fidelio

Voice of Doom’s Fidelio is that tinnitus (harsh gnawing, relentless) sound that, often than not, caused by occupational hazards during life. Wealthy in consistency, radical in practice and a detriment to quality of life. It’s that signal for a PRICE well paid for all the fun and jarring experience of entertainment. It’s that guilty pleasure- the feeling of being ‘punk’ (just for a second) when you listen.

Yes. We know. relating the medical condition of ‘tinnitus’ to ‘Voice of Doom’ is bit weird. However, nothing else (at this moment, in our heads) can compare the raucous sounds and attitude of a good punk band (and music).

On one side of the coin, the damage done to one’s ears could just means that there was much dedication and work put into the music, or output in life.

‘Fidelio’ makes that analogy a point for the notion of profound exhilaration- which adds to the inexorably annoying preservation in rock n roll sounds pounding and drilling in your nerves.

It sticks in us.

It’s a gutter cleansing experience.

We at CHF do many reviews beyond the indie-pop/rock genres and sub-genres. And as we’d done before, there are bands and songs that we really love and love listening to – despite the band being in metal, rock, EDM, or any other genre.

That means we’re into ‘inspiration’ (something that stirs us inside, at that moment, in time).

And dang, do we like ‘Fidelio’.

It’s punk, for sure.

In parts, hard-rock.

Coupled with some thrash elements, which, give one that ‘cleansing’ effect.

But all together, none the less- fresh.

Even if the music was made several decades ago, the feel and the texture of it is still very, very strong and pertinent.

And isn’t that what’s good about ‘good’ music, after all?

In 2016, in a partnership between Pyrrhic Victory Recordings and Heinz Gerhard of Ungetum Records in Germany, launched the comeback CD ‘Voice of Doom’s comeback CD, VOD III’.

“Now VOD, PVR and Ungetum proudly bring you the live performances from those shows.”

And isn’t that fab?!

We think so too.

So, if one is looking for some punk, Voice Of Doom can be a remedy. And once listened, it won’t let go – just like tinnitus.

We dig this song.

It’s a keeper.

After all, we’re fans first. What we like, is what we like. LOL.

Anywho, Voice Of Doom is rep’ed by Pyrrhic Victory Recordings, working out of Bergen County in New Jersey.



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