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Vokes – Screens

You know, sometimes the hair needs to be let down, no consequences thought of, and just bob and weave. And Vokes’ Screens makes us shimmy and dance a bit in the office. Bringing pop with elemental alt-rock schemes- the song did just that.

The R&B elements just brings the different moving parts together – like the tiles on a fascinating ceramic creation.

And the group isn’t just a good looking, boy-band-ish one-note saga. Nope. They play and know their stuff.

It isn’t re-inventing of the wheels, but, as we’d mentioned, ‘let your hair down’ and have fun, this is a song for you.

Songs, just like anything worth doing, have a start and an end – telling a story or communicating a ‘feel’. There’s ‘fun’ for ‘fun sake’, there’s ‘introspective’, there’s ‘rock on till the dawn’ attitudes.

Screen is the trip to Ibiza pop festival, drinking in the sun (literally) and making out to the tunes.

Depending on your mood, this one’s a keeper.

We dig.



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