Vola Tila ‘Space Out’ : Absorbing all of what could be from those personal galactic winds.

Vola Tila

All consuming. As it hits with a disorienting vision of goodness and positivity. You look up at the sky, dreaming of that nostalgia, you head for the dream of surfing of the waves of that time and space. Both grand and grandiose we smile with open arms and absorbing all of what could be from those personal galactic winds.

‘Space Out’ is the first single from the dreamy Swedish alt-pop duo Vola Tila’s upcoming debut album – an atmospheric ballad inspired by the hopeful yet gloomy desire to escape to a place where you can live in the present moment, beyond all ideals and routines.

‘Space Out’s hypnotic instrumentation, with shades of 60s psychedelic pop inspired by The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd, among others, is built up on a fuzzy guitar riff and pulsating drum comp, combined with raw, heavy-hearted vocals.

”When you space out you gain perspective. And it becomes clear that you are observing what you thought was reality, except now you are seeing it for what it really is. Sometimes it makes you feel like an alien and you just want some company,” said Vola Tila.

Formed in 2018, after years spent hitmaking for major artists including US electronica outfit Passion Pit, Swedish songwriting and production duo Vola Tila stepped out on their own and released their acclaimed debut EP ‘Personality Apocalypse’ in September 2019, recorded in collaboration with Sonic Boom (MGMT, Beach House) and Charlie Storm (Håkan Hellström).

Deliciously exuding the legendary vibes of The Smiths, Radiohead, and vibes of UK/Scandinavian emotions, Vola Tila, delivers with purity of sound and pop greatness.


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