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Von K Shares ‘Upp i tornet’ Off Of Debut Album ‘Vi gör stan’. Don’t blink.

Von K is: Katja, Måns and Tobbe. They will rip your musical heads off. How will they do this to you? Introducing Von K’s new single ‘Upp i tornet’. It’s just like a punch by the lower part of the right palm. To the left side of the lower jaw. Then the cool splash of the bucket of ice water: “Are you alright?! Wake up!”. The short and sweet and mini-Tornado of a song winds you up, then Pile Drives you home.

The trio has been playing in different bands, and together for a long while. Then they said to themselves: “Let’s play faster than ever before in this new band?” And they did. And are.

‘Vi gör stan’ will be Von K’s first album.

In the upcoming album, residential policy nightmares, sexual offenses and industrial establishments are tackled. And always with their fast, aggressive Swedish punk rock style.

It’s a journey. A punk’s journey. That can never end.

Kudos, you three. Kudos.

The new album drops May 18th.

They’re rep’ed by PNKSLM.

Buy [HERE]



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