Voodoo Bloo ‘MMA’ : Urgency and powerful wrangling. While sucking us right in for the kill.

Voodoo Bloo

Part wanderer. Part seeker of the truth. Voodoo Bloo – the project of New Zealand based artist Rory McDonald – seeks to keep nose above water until there is a reckoning. First of his own emotions, grievances, desires. And second, assist in others in finding their own paths and self-assurance. A big and ambitious endeavor, indeed.

“I started Voodoo Bloo as I wanted to start a new chapter in my musical career, whilst still using the knowledge I gained from my previous band, to try and make something really special to me,” said Rory. “The first half sharing how I believe a lot of young people in this country (and even worldwide) get into these situations where they feel lost or that the world is against them. The second part, describing the grief and acceptance of the loss of a very dear friend, who I promised would not just become another statistic in a problem that doesn’t seem to be declining.”

With a full frontal assault, in the best tradition of Franz Ferdinand, The Hives, The Killers, Voodoo Bloo blasts away the veneer first and then asks questions later. Off of the upcoming new album ‘JACOBUS’, the project lingers with an aftertaste that is fully satisfying and with a waft of excitement that makes you want more and more.

Driven by growling guitars and vocals to match, the new single from NZ-based artist Voodoo Bloo – ‘MMA’ – proves a hectic introduction what Voodoo Bloo could be all about. Urgency and powerful wrangling, drive the Voodoo Bloo narrative, while sucking us right in for the kill.

“The video shoot was a lot of fun,” added Rory. “Of course, with this being quite a hard time for everyone and leaving the house not really being an option, I tried to create something quite minimalist yet still true to what the song is about. Being pelted with bottle caps, corks, and other miscellaneous items you might find on a night out seemed like a fitting way to show how I can sometimes feel when having to put up with the nuisances you meet, being a person growing up and experiencing more of the outside world for the first time.”

Seek out and ye shall find.

Maybe Vooddoo Bloo is that next fork in the road for you.


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