Votive Crown ‘Only Child’ : Gently lifts and sets you down with all the care in the world.

Votive Crown

Psyche r&b indie-pop deliciousness from Brooklyn, Votive Crown, delivers a complex emotive complexion in ‘Only Child’. An earthly motion, from to and fro, deliberates in this vat of dewy goodness. Like the supple skin of the one you love, once in a life time of connections, delivers with exuding cautionary tales.

Understated grooves of jazz and razzy preservations, shine as the vocals gain your heart and caress it with both hands. An embrace that is staggered in charm and explosive in its inviting sea of innuendos and loves.

A chain of notes, explode in the solo, as the universe of Votive Crown, galvanize to meet with galactic force of talent and revelry. Jam to the grand opera of piano and organ, as the song gently lifts and sets you down with all the care in the world.

What a ride.

‘Only Child’ was recorded at Dreamland Studios in Upstate New York and engineered / mixed by Jason Finkel. It follows their 2020 single ‘Prize Possession’ and their 2018 EP, ‘EP’.


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