W. Cryderman ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ : An admonishment for the wary, and a celebration for what’s to come.

W. Cryderman / Art: Sarah Trigueros

From the latest LP ‘Grande Masterpiece’, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is one of those songs that makes you want to smile. Even in the challenges that face us today and tomorrow. A classic rock singalong passion, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ offers choral harmonies and exalting altitudes of vibes, that everyone can love.

W. Cryderman was formed in the summer of 2016, when Ryan Christopher Parks (B. Hamilton) convinced longtime friend Ryan Holzer (Billy Talbot Band, Even Stills) to return to Oakland from South Dakota and make a record. Andrew Macy (B. Hamilton, Tall Grass) and Raj Ojha (Once and Future Band, B. Hamilton, Shannon Shaw Band) joined in and together they created ‘Cryderman’, the band’s debut, in 2018.

A vision of charm and decadence, dance without fret, when ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ sings to its heart’s content. An admonishment for the wary, and a celebration for what’s to come, the effervescent imbibing in beauty and good-natured humanity, cling to the lovely vestiges, with embracing impunity.

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ was recorded by Raj Ojha (Once and Future Band, Shannon Shaw Band, B. Hamilton) in Oakland, California. Featuring Joel Robinow (Once and Future Band, Shannon Shaw Band).

It’s a hum-dinger of a song, that you should put on repeat. Put that glimmer of light, on to the darkness that may be your companion.


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