Waldo Witt ‘Remember To Forget’ : “The transformation and introspection”, untold and unforeseen.

Waldo Witt

Waldo Witt’s second EP, ‘Inner Paths’ continues the expansive journey with which he’s had an intimate relation through the years. Freedom, form, extending releases – all culminate in the interesting and substantive relish of the new direction.

Departing from the on-the-road constraints of ‘Randall’, ‘Inner Paths’ was crafted entirely out of Waldo’s home studio, compiling both new ideas and demos that date back to 2018.

“For the writer, art is a representation of your changing self (past, present, and future) as best you understand it,” said Waldo. “And it can take great effort to understand it, especially at first. That’s kind of the root of what the psychedelic experience is for me whether it’s with regard to music or anything else. The concept of oneness between the self and the art is kind of the ultimate goal. And it probably will never be achieved, the art will always be flawed, and in that sense, art is human, which is kind of the beauty of it.”

‘Inner Paths’ takes inspiration from the writing process itself. “A process of evolving from an initial spark of inspiration to a fully realized creation” the summation of the ambience, delegate “the transformation and introspection”, untold and unforeseen.

“The act of meditation and self-retrospection plays a similar role; one’s self transforms much like a song does within its creative process.”

Waldo’s own transformations, continue, for the better.


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