WALKEN ‘Hindsight’ : Combine to make your forthcoming days, a big return on investment.


There’s just something about WALKEN – the trio of friends with music in their hearts – when the rhythms and lyrics chime. Like a ray of sunshine, or the stress-less smile of your best mates, ‘Hindsight’ is a pop punk gratitude where levitating fun, comes with packages of rock beauty and nostalgia.

Drawing influence from the likes of blink-182, PUP, Pixies, Screamfeeder, Heatmiser, and Silversun Pickups, the band comes up with effervescent reckonings, built to last and built to love.

“This song was written after falling out with a friend that I was really close with at the time,” said frontman Matt Cochran. “We didn’t see eye to eye and in the end, we eventually grew apart.”

But from those challenges of life, there comes those notes of assemblage and eureka moments, that combine to make your forthcoming days, a big return on investment.

Paid in blood, tears, and ultimate satisfaction.

Comprised of Matt Cochran (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Patrick Shipp (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Beej Vaughan (Drums/Backing Vocals), WALKEN is a breezy wind of goodness, rather excited to be by your side through this journey of journeys.

Let’s take that ride together.


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