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Wally Tucker and the Nudes // Kid Pullen // Callus // Lost Woods // By Devices

Wally Tucker and the Nudes – I Just Want a Cigarette

“Never having the benefit of the doubt, the underdog of society. Corporations want you to be a team member and sacrifice for them when you’re nothing but a number in their database. It’s not always easy going against the grain but it’s often worth it.” You know that time it felt like your significant other lit the house on fire with you in it? Yeah, this was one of those times… Friendship fueled with more musical experience than most parents being parents, these old buds get together to write, record and play dirty rock shows. The main goal? Make new music, and let it out! They have a brand new album being released over the next 6 months so follow, share, and enjoy! From small town Canada and a recording studio owned by the band, I give you Wally Tucker and the Nudes.

Kid Pullen – Shine From My Casket

“When I Die I’m gonna die rich” That’s what KID PULLEN is. What he aspires – day to everyday. Word to word; siphaned from the word of music – KP comes with the undulated force of his song. Overstated? Or maybe not enough. KID PULLEN approved. Live it.

Callus – Lanterns

You are alive when you’re one with the drums in CALLUS’ single ‘Lanterns’. Tight, robust, cosmic, eloquent – the summation of your existence survives and thrives with this single of magnificence. CALLUS is an indie trip-pop electro band from Stockholm, Sweden. “Our music is inspired by a wide range of genres and artist, some including The XX, Massive Attack and MGMT.” It’s a small point of joy when you follow the beat of this single.

Lost Woods – Eau Rouge

From LOST WOODS’ sophomore EP, ‘Shaping Distant Memories’ come ‘Eau Rouge’. Peter White stated: “Shaping Distant Memories delves into self reflection and unreliable narration. It explores the idea that the memories that we carry are manipulated by ourselves to hold and support our biases and whatever narrative we desire”. Central piece of LOST WOODS is Peter’s falsetto vocals, but from the top of the list, the band is tight and exudes the majesty that bands of this caliber often provides. ‘Shaping Distant Memories’ comes on the heels of a steadily snowballing career that’s seen the band share stages with the likes of Holy Holy, Maddy Jane, Alice Ivy, Timberwolf, Kingswood, Andy Bull, Harts and many more. The undulating vocal exercises is something to experience.

By Devices – Police The Police

By Devices are a five piece band from Birmingham. Formed out of a passion for live music. They strive to create powerful melodic songs that get more than just your foot tapping. Full of venom and melancholy, the band’s sound may not be your typical mainstream but indie and rock vibes are sewn through every track they write. With a lovely throughput and Brit-rock attitude that we’re all familiar with, BY DEVICES delivers with an ever expanding rock theme.


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