War Strings ‘Archer’ : And that fork in the road pushed the issue. It’s time to push back.

War Strings

Andrew Stogel in ‘Archer’ brings the thoughts of making a decisive turn in life, dreadful but exciting – haunting yet revealing. A soul which was physically broken at a time, was confronted with the anxiety of pausing at a fork in the road. Now, the Missouri born, Los Angeles raised War Strings, had to move forward or ‘shrivel’ up as a concept in his art.

War Strings is an evolution of those projects, but full of more life experience and a grittier sound.

Through the perceptual distortion he experienced from the injury came a new musical perspective. While still stuck in bed, Andrew began the process of recording with engineers since he couldn’t look at screens and didn’t even have the strength to lift a guitar. Until then, this music existed solely in the depths of his mind. ​ ​Over the course of 3 months (and mostly from his bed), Andrew made what would become War Strings’ debut record, ‘Who Cares How It Ends’. It became an amalgamation of depression, love, pain, darkness and newfound light for Andrew. Who Cares How It Ends is also representative of how Andrew wanted to approach making music and reconstructing his life: embracing imperfections and realizing that you only live once.

‘Archer’ is the new single from War Strings, from ‘Who Cares How it Ends’. And that fork in the road pushed the issue.

War Strings pushes back.


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