WASHINGTON ‘Dark Parts’ : Has all guns lined up to amaze and charm her listeners once again.


Multi-genre, multi-talented artist, WASHINGTON, reclaims a part of the universe with the decadent single ‘Dark Parts’. The the critically-loved artist is back and with this single, the world of possibilities has ultimately widened.

‘Dark Parts’ has the sound of pop music tearing at its own fabric, writhing in the darkness as Washington, ever the maestro, conducts this chaos from the centre. It’s the first in a suite of tunes Meg turned upside down and shook out all the junk.

“I’m here to have fun,’ WASHINGTON said. “Why not just record music you like with people you like?”

Haven’t seen a full album since 2014, WASHINGTON has all guns lined up to amaze and charm her listeners once again.

She worked with Sam Dixon (Sia, Adele, Meg) and Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle Giants, Mallrat, Tones and I) and the animated video is stuffed with intriguing creatures Meg’s been hand-drawing in her daydreams and wickedly assembling in real life.

Look for more from her in the upcoming album, set to release August 28th. Also, watch the animated video for ‘Dark Parts’ for goodness sakes.

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It isn’t easy being.

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