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Water and Man Shares ‘Phantasie’. “Take A Journey. You Never Know.”

WATER AND MAN consists of Vic Delnur (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Lip dos Santos (keys), Eric Maciel (guitar, keys), Flavio Ferraz (bass, synth) and Milton Arantes (drums). And this dynamic offering of ‘Phantasie’ demonstrates the hard core relevance the group brings to the frontal cortex of the discussion.

In 2017, they made the move to New York City from Brazil.

Why not.

The mecca for all that is unique and interesting in music, in part, starts in NYC. And WM wanted, ‘IN’. The excitement was palpable. As they set their feet onto the new targets.

‘Phantasie’ is a protruding horn out of your head, which you’d not had the night before. It’s not a bad thing, and it’s not a good thing. You scratch it. You look at it in the mirror. “Is there something I’ve forgotten to do yesterday?” The next day, the horn was no more. It disappeared, like nothing had happened.

“I love you hun. You look gorgeous this morning.”

Take a journey with WATER AND MAN.

You never know.



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