WATER SLICE Shares ‘Please Remember’. Fleeting Glimpses Of The Forgotten Or Never Known. Be Seen.

That lick is to die for. Yes. That shoe-gaze guitar with bass support, is what it’s all about. And Water Slice (Patrick Phillips) does it like it’s year 3030, and that the pink Azaleas are the new currency of the new world order! No, but it’s that tasty part of the single ‘Please Remember’ that makes us ‘Remember’ the song. It’s catch, poignant, fab lyrics, and it’s like feeling the chilled and refreshing currents of water down a crystal clear creek (CCC).

Just floods your cortex, then fills you up with refreshing sentiments and existential enjoyment.

Smiles came on our faces. WTF?!?

‘Please Remember’ is a single off of the upcoming August 10th scheduled drop of Philip’s new self-titled EP.

“The song’s about facing the fact that you’re not always where you thought you would be in life.” He adds, “But instead of freaking out about it, it’s important to remember what and who grounds you, to keep moving forward or dig deep and turn everything around.”

This past spring, he’s dropped the single ‘This way’: “Many of my favorite tunes, whether post-punk, power-pop, or reggae, are stories of suffering, while staying undeniably groovy… [it] is about accepting my flaws and pushing into the future with the people I love.”


Anywho, check Water Slice out. Just won’t disappoint with this particular single.



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