Watson ‘Dance Alone’ : Colorful vibe that fills our space of existence.


Los Angeles artist Travis Galette pushes fun and riot with his project, Watson. Influenced by a palate of diverse music such as punk, rock, emo, and pop music, the fabulously adaptive and genre-less artist kicks it into another drizzling gear with ‘Dance Alone’.

The track comes with a colorful vibe that fills our space of existence with funky bass lines and lovingly crafted tongue-in-cheek goodness.

‘Dance Alone’ is off of his upcoming EP ‘Hallelujah I’m Free’ and the artist explores “acceptance, obsession, letting lose, being yourself. Imagine dancing, jumping through hoops for someone and just not caring what people think. Basically, one-sided relationship”.


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I miss _______. (Finish the statement)

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