Wauwatosa ‘Myriad Colors’ (Halvor Strand Remix) : Electrifying in the most understated of summations.


Ahead of new music, Wauwatosa have asked a bunch of their closest friends and collaborators to re-imagine some of the songs from their 2018 debut album.

Halvor Strand’s remix of “Myriad Colors” transforms the original’s paranoid air into sweet choral folk, building a lush new landscape around key Wauwatosa collaborator Emilie Storaas’ original vocals.

“Sigurd and Martin in Wauwatosa are long time friends and collaborators of mine,” said Halvor. “It’s a great honor to get to remix their music, but it also felt intimidating to be trusted with this great material. I think it turned out pretty special.” Sigurd of Wauwatosa says that he imagines “the best place to listen to this music is while running in the woods.”

Vision of inquiry follows the vocal layerings of Wauwatosa’s works. Electrifying in the most understated of summations, the light at the end of the tunnel always seem brightest with their production.


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