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WAV Shares ‘Soaking Wet’. “Distinct. Crystal. Attractive.”

WAV brings such ‘rocking’ sensibility that is many times missed by many bands. Anne and Volker Wichmann explores – they are space travelers of notes, sounds, lyrics, arrangements, content. And we dig that, a lot.


To the guitar.

To the electronics and synth.

To the lyrics.

To the aesthetics.

The vocals are just astoundingly distinct, crystal, and easy to be attracted to. You know. Like when you see the NASA space crafts, with their size and gravitas. However, even with their mega-structure construction – it nimbly cuts through the atmosphere like a Ninja cutting knife (no shriken though).

Anne and Volker are very much talented, and overflows with things to say – at their own time, and in their own terms.

Fabulous, we say.



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