Wax Heart Sodality ‘Incel-Dumb Scene Kid’ : Insurmountable crux of dignity via rough and tumble riffs of grit.

Wax Heart Sodality

‘Incel-Dumb Scene Kid’ is the third track from mysterious garage rockers, Wax Heart Sodality, produced by Mouses frontman Ste Bardgett and with artwork from Paul Burgess.

“The song, originally written about unrequited love, evolved into trying to understand those who identify as an ‘incel’ after we watched an eye-opening BBC Three documentary on the issue,” said Wax Heart Sodality. “It got us thinking about the power of the internet to radicalise, in this instance, the hopeless romantics, the isolated, the lonely and the socially awkward/maladjusted i.e. people a lot of us can probably relate to. It tries, unsympathetically, to understand the personality flaws that can make one susceptible to being lured/enticed into the dark and sinister online community of the Incel.”

A song of “dark subject matter with unhinged volatility” in an indefinable surge of truth and remark. A revelry of purge, an emotional trek of possibilities are taken through the woods of that thick underbrush of personalities.

With a hard-rock vision, the song delivers with an insurmountable crux of dignity via rough and tumble riffs of grit.

Get psyche. Get in.


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