Wax Owls ‘Come On’ : Decided to tackle the issues and help fight those ‘whims’ and ‘darkness’ of living.

Wax Owls

“I wrote the lyrics after one of my mentors, Gabe McConaill, committed suicide,” said vocalist Gerry Hirschfeld. “I wanted to write a song that acknowledged and celebrated the positives that come with feeling too much. Namely, that enduring through difficult times can feel can make us more emphatic.”

Chided by the whims of the universe, Wax Owls, decided to tackle the issues and help fight those ‘whims’ and ‘darkness’ of living.

Emotional creatures we are, there is the intellect to manage our habits. But sometimes, the burdens of living, gets too hard and short circuits our best laid plans.

Warmth and support, is where ‘Come On’ delivers, as it brings into clarity again, that you are not alone.

There is a shining glimmer of hope and empathy, for you to grasp.

Let’s get there.

Wax Owls amplify messages from Los Angeles.


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