Wayne Graham x The Green Apple Sea ‘Runnin’ : From split EP ‘Less than Familiar’ (July 2020).

Wayne Graham

This song is the first single of the upcoming split EP (‘Less than Familiar’ / July 2020) between Wayne Graham from South-East Kentucky and The Green Apple Sea from Nuremberg Germany.

Since 2016 the band has released 3 Albums worlwide (the two predecessors were only limited to the US). The two heads of the band, brothers Kenny and Hayden Miles are hailing form the small mining town Whitesburg, which is nestled in at the foot of the Appalachians.

This particular region of south east Kentucky, is first and foremost know for the high poverty rates, and exploitation of the land. Strip mining and abandoned coal mining sites are just the tip of the iceberg here. However, diamonds are created out of coal under pressure and this is exactly what is the case with Wayne Graham.

Their style of music is very unique, they are all talented and very prolific musicians, and if you would want to pin them down genre wise, we’d go with Americana or Alternative Folk.

Wayne Graham is a four piece band from all over South East Kentucky. They are made up of talents: Kenny Miles, Hayden Miles, Chris Justice, and Lee Owen.


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