We Are The City ‘RIP’ : A deliverance of manic self denial, contrasts with a witting war of personalities.

We Are The City / Photo: Kirsten Huculiak

We Are The City mark their musical return with their upcoming fifth full-length album, ‘RIP’ (January 24th, 2020). Included in the pre-launch 3 track EP, the band releases the title track right now. The other two dynamic singles are ‘Song In My Head’ and ‘Killer B-Side Music’. Like the character hero Flash, the thunder and lightning gush of attention comes from each of the songs. Varied in its arch of stories and even more in their interpretational outcomes, the single ‘RIP’ is sullen with the precociously decadent beauty of a privacy of a heart that won’t let go. Can’t let go.

A deliverance of manic self denial, contrasts with a witting war of personalities that try to balance the devastation of loneliness and grief. It’s a perfect addition to ‘Killer B-Side Music’ on that same EP. Listen. Absorb. “We went back to where it started (Kelowna), and that was pretty potent,” reflects Andy. “There are a few times on the record where Cayne’s almost crying when he sings, and I just don’t know if you could get that in a studio in the same way. It was really capturing an honest and true feeling of where we’re at right now.”


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