We Are The Movies ‘The Devil Inside’ : Fun. Riotous. All you need to get rockin’.

We Are The Movies

‘The Devil Inside’ is so very fun. It’s that bubbling rock of coarse emotional grit that is glamorous and exulting – all at once.

Just what the doctor ordered.

The Columbus heavy rock band gives their first release of 2021 with all the trimmings, following up their last offering, ‘Bury Me’ featuring Oshie Bichar of Beartooth.

“We wanted it to have that whole dark and brooding vibe but also keep it high-energy and fun,” said frontman Tim Waters. “We got a little weird with it. The visuals are meant to match the vibe of the song. It is this highly-stylized fusion of the analog and digital domains. The old vs the new, rock vs pop, fight vs flight. We wanted all of those elements to shine through visually as well as sonically.”

Fun. Riotous. All you need to get rockin’.

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