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We Royals Shares ‘Ready For It’. “The Denver boys with the mostest, makes a claim. Kudos.”

This is the debut single from Colorado rock duo ‘We Royals’. And it kicks ass.

Energy? Plenty.

Attitude? Over flowing.

New and refreshing??

I’m your huckleberry. Yo!

Brand new two piece from Denver Colorado makes it stick with this single, revives our existence like the guts of rock and hiphop and stadium expansiveness clashing like the galaxies.

They met through a mutual love of rock classics like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and they get together their hard hitting styles of electric rock to try their own take on the genre. Within a week of meeting up and writing/rehearsing the lads were in the studio end of September 2019 to crank out their first ever EP.

From those sessions come the first single ‘Ready For It’ an upbeat electric rock tune that will get you fired up for any occasion.


That’s We Royals.

‘Ready For It’ is the tribal collision of all that could be rock.

“We wrote it as the kind song we’d want to start a set with or the sort of tune you put on before you take on a big wave or drop in on half pipe to get you fired up”.

“Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up!



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