We Will Kaleid ‘Lingual’ : The grating penetration of profound countenance and deliverance.

We Will Kaleid

Experimental/Art Pop duo We Will Kaleid releases their grim new track ‘Lingual’. Capitalism feels like a machine running on human life, and in which we ourselves become that machine.

We Will Kaleid looks for strong contrasts. In dense electronic songs they prefer direct confrontation over mediation. Jasmina de Boer and Lukas Streich continue to strive further into their own sonority, carving it with reductive, yet multifarious fragments of beats and vocals, digitally enhanced and perched on a foundation of analog synthesizer fragments. All of the pleasures of visceral antithesis. The grating penetration of profound countenance and deliverance.

Utilizing electronic and experimental Art Pop, the band focusses on dysfunctional aspects of human communication giving them an insistent sound.


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