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Weaver Shares ‘Whatever Seems Less Wrong’. “This Time He Had Gone Too Far. Revenge Was His.”

WEAVER is Johan Weber, and his mission of making rugged and yearning crops of music has been in his DNA for many years. In 2012, he started his solo career, transforming into the indie-folk-pop multi-genre tackling artist known as WEAVER.

Taking the cue from the 80’s this synth infused single ‘Whatever Seems Less Wrong’ is not an electronica blend. But it is an indie-folk-pop mixed in with the aesthetic skin of new wave in decades past.

But don’t be cross. This single stands alone, and has legs of a secure skyscraper in NYC.

It can bear all.

It dishes neon lights of truth.

It takes revenge on those who doubt.

The metamorphosis of your heart, and mind, will be complete.


We think this song is so much fun. And we think you should too.



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