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Weaves – Slicked

Taken off of their second album ‘Wide Open’, Weaves’ Slicked takes a stroll through the eyes of the alternate reality world, combining anthem-like music and the ‘to-hell-with-it’ attitudes, bundled up in a fun sphere.

Slicked is, as mentioned, an anthem. An anthem is a declaration, of sorts, to whatever the personal cause would be. More than a public declaration, it is more important as a ‘promise’ to oneself. It pushes one forward, it helps look at the world differently, it leads one to a different path.

All indications predict that a personal promise is more powerful – for an aggregate action – than a promise to another; especially an attitude changing realization and exercise.

Weaves have been making big headway in the past several months. Very popular in Europe and are really busy touring.

They are a delight, in our eyes – refreshing in many ways. But ultimately, innovative in their song dedication and execution.

Elton John noticed them. We should too.

About time.

Kudos Weaves. Kudos.

Oh, but maybe not so much for the softball play. LOL.

They are distributed by 3 labels: Kanine Records (NYC), Buzz Records (Toronto), and Memphis Industries (London).



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