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Mo Troper – Dictator Out Of Work

“Open that front door of the house and let’s go out and play!” Mo Troper continues his fabulous take on daily subjects and idiosyncrasies we all can relate to in “Dictator Out Of Work”. It’s delectable.

Lap it up.

We did.

The song’s environment is of sunny hills of San Francisco, us trolloping into the bright mid day, smiling and happily content.

Until, the afternoon is done.

We know the sun is setting.

Our smiles turn into semi-frowns.

Our ‘trolloping’ turns into mere slow gallop.

The sun sets behind the ‘pastel colored’ rainbow hills.

“Let’s go back” she said.

“Hold my hand, and we’ll – together – make it better.”


The song is a fabulous listen, and we loved it from the get go. It’s one of those tunes, that we want it to be longer.

But it’s fab, the way it is – of course.

And we dig it like there’s no tomorrow.

The subject matter serious, contrasting with the ‘sunny disposition’ and ‘ironic’ attitude of the music, just GOES.

Kudos, Mo. Kudos.

He’s rep’ed by Good Cheer Records, out of Portland Oregon.



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