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WEEZER / WEIRD AL Does TOTO’s Iconic Single ‘Africa’. Weird Al’s In A Sweater.

What happens when WEEZER and Weird Al Yankovic combine their ‘weird’ forces and come up a collab? TOTO’s ‘Africa’ is what happens.

And when ‘IT’ happens, there will be minds blown, heads scratched, babies born, and return to YouTube to watch the ORIGINAL single ‘Africa’ as fast as you can say, ‘Toto’.

So, here you are, watching Weird Al (one of our faves), with another fave, Weezer.

Yes. When ‘Sweater Song’ indie-rock virtuosos work with ‘Just Eat It’ fabulousness, there’s just no denying the glory.


Then go to their past singles.

Here are our faves of the two icons.


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