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Well Well Well Shares Single ‘Me’ (Video). ASMR. Psyche. Face Plant.

What can you do to me, that I haven’t done to myself, yet?! You are not the end, or the beginning of me. I am myself. Myself, I will begin anew. There will be a reproduction of truth, and facts, which are nulled into that black hole of holdings, and attributions. The amenities of life, distractions in true form, ally with themselves to pursue and knock down. The sullen parody of that life you call ‘life’, is the fake-ness in the hum-drum of that Spring wash, flagrant but empty.

The resort to self aggrandizement, and depiction of man-handled aggressions, sometimes, in contrast vilify that vitriolic sensor; in your nose, in your mind, in your heart.

Powerfully, numbing.

Powerfully, saturating.

Powerfully, unassuming.

“Drive up that road of unaccompanied ambitions, lost to the cause. Take that rail of support, aluminum and sound. But without that touch of loving amplitude, we demise into that nothing.”

That nothing is where we lie, looking up, and very much afraid.

Well Well Well’s single ‘Me’ is a declaration of sorts, we like, and admire. In a tone that is of their own, the vocals and the myriad of concoctions within this single, presents a perfect match to the visuals.




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