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Weller Shares Single ‘Boroughs’. Want To Go To The Corner Bodega, And Kiss You.

Want to be with the someone there, someone you have to have. Don’t let it slip through the cracks of your mindful soul. You don’t deserve so. She doesn’t deserve so. Weller’s latest single ‘Boroughs’ takes us on a ‘plan of action’ that maybe, just maybe, could come to fruition. Kiss her – kiss her being.

“Found your kit in a pile of your laundry”

Really that first line of lyrics killed us, and we physically put two thumbs up in the air (where no one noticed). But heck, it’s just us, and well, when you put any kind of circumstances with life’s ‘mundane’, then you have us.

The band is coming into their own, and now has a June debut album coming our way. Harrison Nantz moved to another city where ‘he didn’t know anyone’ (which could be a blessing for the moment), the joined forces with Evan Clark Moorehead & Jeremy Berkin.

Then here we are today, with the kind of style that we Dig to Bits.

Taking of the banal of life and turning into the expressive songs the audience can easily understand and consume, is a fabulous turn of events. And Weller surely does that with this particular single.

As we always say, it’s that ‘Grey Area’ of life that is sometimes most interesting to scour over (and under).


Debut LP drops June 29.



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