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Welshly Arms // Alexandra Babiak // Midnight Wagon // Talking Cure // Schartel

Welshly Arms – Learn To Let Go

‘Learn To Let Go’ is the follow up to the band’s 2018 debut album ‘No Place Is Home’. And with it WELSHLY ARMS continues to drive the narrative that the world is what it is, but all that we can control is ourselves. So true, right? That’s what this anthem for the better and new tomorrow is all about. Relationships, frustration, situations that get you stuck in one rut – let it go, be smart, and let this world interact with you in a way you’d never interacted before. Let’s go.

Alexandra Babiak – Tonight

Her new EP ‘Impatiens’ is out now, and when Alexandra Babiak sings, there always seems to be a gust of warm southern air, which embraces effortlessly, the unclothed emotions of a forever lost soul. Or at least that’s how we feel. When we’d first gotten to know Alexandra through her single ‘Crazy For You’, which was a ballad which was “a continuum, where thoughts and actions come cross from love’s beyond, indelibly shaping each side’s outlook on life, and subsequent nuances.” She continues the ‘bitter-sweet’ love in ‘Tonight’. The talented singer/songwriter from Toronto will have you thinking and getting the feelz.

Midnight Wagon – Mesa

Debut album ‘Deep Yellow’ will destroy you from the inside-out. In a good way. It’s like when you love a girl so much, you want to eat her up. It’s like when you love the party so much, you want to be there a whole week. It’s like when you see a world on top of a mountain peak, and that 9-5 job just doesn’t feel important any longer. ‘Mesa’ is a quick paced rock single with punk symmetries, anchored by raucous vocals and a delectable guitar solo. Best of all it give you wings to keep on fighting for what you love – whatever it might be.

Talking Cure – The Old Actor

Classical pieces from Schubert and Haendel, TALKING CURE’s distinctive and compelling single ‘The Old Actor’ brings the weight as it describes a life of and “Old Trouper”. Based on the poem by Robert William Service, it recounts the activities of the poem, and expands the story, as only music accompaniment can. France based, TALKING CURE delivers a dramatic adaptation to the poem, and an interesting hard-rock offering. A word for word adaptation such as this is always hard, but the intensity and concentration of the music framing it, give the whole of the project a dark and poignant fragrance.

Schartel – Sleeping in the Sun

‘Sleeping In The Sun’ is dedicated to Andreas Schartel and with the build up sequences that is familiar and nostalgic, shines as the vocals brighten up the atmosphere as the highs just energetically drive towards the edge. But the song is most interesting in the fact that it is a complete formation of a story telling cause. Dig deeper and the keys to the lyrics, the duo of two brothers, Alex and Chris Schartel, makes it exciting for all of us to delight and enjoy. Word.


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