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Werwe – Red Lines

A work of art. ‘Red Lines’ is that. A red paint, dripping with emotions and unrequited hate on top of love, and ultimate confusion. ‘Standing tall, the weak will have fallen…” On his new project, Philadelphia based singer/songwriter Steven Martinho set out to create the music he’s always wanted to make – skillfully crafted pop that remains unpretentious and fun. Simple and catchy yet expertly refined – Werwe creates the kind of tunes that you can’t help but sing along with. Within the realms of Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse in its lyrical layers, the words fling out tropes of life and the overwhelming deliverance of existence. The album ‘Red Lines’ was produced by American Trappist but conceptualized by Steve Martinho, Joe Michelini (American Trappist) and Shane Luckenbaugh (Sleepmonster), with additional and notable production advice from Sleepmonster. A number of musicians contributed, including Sleepmonster on drums/percussion and Tim Cambell on pedal steel. The guitars, keys and other noises were split between Steve & American Trappist.

Tuvaband – He Said Me Too

‘He Said Me Too’ is the second single to be taken from Norwegian artist Tuvaband’s second album ‘I Entered The Void’, which follows on 27 November. The solo project of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and she doesn’t seem never to be out of chances to play her songs. The ever popular songstress, delivers with haunting majesty in ‘He Said Me Too’. The trend continues where we’d first encountered Tuvaband last year with single ‘Wolfpack’. We’d called that single ‘The angst, the trepidation for the life of a badly damaged or perceived innocence collapsed is depicted. The details of a the shameless wringing, the torture to that love.” It was a Song Of The Day, and boy, did it deserve that. ‘He Said Me Too’ continues that gorgeous trend where the song is an exploration of the dark side of human nature and how our revengeful side creates a cycle of oppressed becoming the oppressors. Tuva’s vocals are the anchor for her all that she does, as it adds that perfectly unique sheen of Tuva, herself, to all that is presented. A sheen that bursts with enigmatic pension, and an underscored gentle brooding vibe that just hurts so good. See her next @ Ingensteds, Oslo, Norway on November 27th.

Parachute Words – Lay To Rest

‘Lay To Rest’ is the second single for the album ‘One More Time With Feeling’. In many ways, the song is a murder ballad, at least the closest thing one can get to one without actually doing it. It’s about those horrible thoughts that enter your brain when you are completely lost inside a thought spiral. Parachute Words is an indie rock band from London. “You could be awake in bed next to the person you love and you can’t stop imagining doing the most horrible things to them. This is probably the darkest song I’ve ever written, but luckily these thoughts come and go, like a midnight breeze.” Parachute Words is the outcrop from the vibrant understatements of Martino Gasparrini. And it’s a dang good outcrop to forage for your heart.

Los Vii – One Hundred Lives

“I’ve been working on this song for a few years, and it’s gone through several different transitions and rewrites. I’m glad to finally be done with it, but it was a song that was easy to lose myself in while I was making it… it just feels warm to me.” If SADE would pick a song to sing, and it’s from a different side of the genre track, we think one of those candidates would be ‘One Hundred Lives’. A coaxing tropical endeavor, warm in majesty, and sullen for the gaps of life and existence – Los Vii’s single is a monument to feeling and capturing it beautifully in song. A slow burning ballad of simmering passions and under-tapped embers of emotions, this single delivers with distinct and tantalizing capture. Carlo’s vocals resonate like the vocal hues of a melancholiac rainbow, shining upon the summer afternoon of our most desiring fetishes. Life is and will alway need a conduit for explanation, large and small. One of those components is offered up, here. Los Vii is in Salt Lake City. A Spaniard doing his thing in the US. Warming hearts, and maybe promising greatness for all.

Vox Pop – Paper

“The melody & lyrics for ‘Paper’ came in a few minutes whilst I was living in a ramshackle house with outdoor shower overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California,” said the London based Vox Pop. “It’s about seeking union in a relationship but knowing this doesn’t always happen.” Included in the upcoming album ‘In The Desert’, Vox Pop, boomerangs you slats of harmonies as you gaze upon the amazing and voluminous crescent of song and vibes. The weird dance you thought only your uncle and aunt can pull off, comes to the forefront in your own rendition of the ‘happy dance’ with ‘Paper’. You shimmy with delight, as the weight of ‘expectations’ drop from your shoulders like melting butter – sizzling on top of the hot stops you take – flavoring every new second into the near future. Smile. You’re on the dark side with Vox Pop, and you can’t get enough.


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