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Wes Allen Shares ‘Ask Me Now’. A Slow Ride Down A Bubbling Creek, Down Mexico.

Wes Allen has a tone in his voice that is just like a comforting babbling brook (or bubbling creek) somewhere in the wilds of the wilderness. Serene, calm, a sonic experience which deserves to be ‘look forward to’. In his latest single ‘Ask Me Now’, we feel as though we’re floating on a cloud, riding down to ‘Mexico Way’.

Yes. That’s a reference to James Taylor, and in some intonations in Wes, we hear Taylor’s mannerisms. But when hearing what Wes has to say, it’s totally different in the story, and angle of what the message is.

The single is very much enjoyable, with much appeal probably to a wide swath of the audience.

We love folk music, and when there’s a sneak peak into great music, we’re in.

And this time with Wes Allen, we’re definite IN.

It’s not something that he hasn’t heard before, because he’s been awarded and nominated many times over (Juno, Grammy).

He’s a talented story teller, and you can feel that right away in ‘Ask Me Now’.

Try it. Close your eyes. Experience.



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