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Wes Chiller // ¡Que Asco! // Danny George // Scarypoolparty // MAMADEAR

Wes Chiller – Inside Your Head

“It’s a declaration of sorts,” said Wes Chiller. “Whether you’re looking for a job, or you’re looking for a woman, or you’re looking for a mate, anything, you’re never going to be second place if you’re sure of yourself. If someone disagrees with you, that’s okay. If someone doesn’t accept you, that’s okay. But you don’t need to bend and you don’t need to put up with someone’s lack of understanding if you’re certain of yourself.” The veteran of music and stage, the artist has been on tour from his years as a 17 year old. Now, a decade on, the vibrant and energetic soul, with the touch for writing songs, comes at us with ‘Burnin Up’, a classic surf-tinged rock n’ roll-tastic vision. Included in his upcoming EP ‘Chiller Instinct’, the California coast, Hawaiian shirt donning, classic chill-vibe disseminating artist, keeps the fires burning in this single. Wes’ latest project exists because of his collaboration with his friend and producer, Kyle Krone (the former Shys frontman and songwriter). The relationship is tight, and is something to keep your eye on.

¡Que Asco! – Sharkipelago

‘Sharkipelago’ is a single taken from ‘Reaper’; the debut album from Cardiff based grunge trio ¡Que Asco! The band came together with a dedication to making a raw, pure, powerful sound. Joshua Caole desperate to get back to his hardcore roots in South Wales. A meeting with Zefur Wolves drummer Danny Joseph Wall and their shared love of the search for the perfect 3 minute song birthed something special. Bringing the unforgettable flavor of Neil Young, the growling anti-thesis of ‘Sharkipelago’ fades to nothing beyond the black hole of decadence and residual particle animatrix. The angsty fuzz of the guitar, denies you nothing, as it fulfills all of the folk revelries, with the fabulous rock that is blatant and utterly satisfactory. The chorus delivers with a triumphant axe of atmosphere, right into your head and core. Your soul of visions, blur out into the sides of your eyeballs, and ponder the eminence of the Universe as it sets voodoo constitutions for the love time to come.

Danny George – Sincerity

Sincerity is George at his genre-bending best, blending soul and electronica with nods to 90’s R&B and indie rock. Danny stated: “The lyrics centre around the importance of sincerity and communication in a relationship. This can be a romantic relationship between two people or something completely different. The idea is that by not being sincere to yourself or a partner, your ideals are clouded, you are translucent and a ghostly image to the other person.” Debut EP ‘Crushed Comfort’ (available now), is from an artist for whom bewitching rhythms and hip swirling guitars makes for a fabulous evening at the parlor. The driving thrust of the mahogany representation in ‘Sincerity’ posts relevant insinuations into a voluptuous vibe of multi-colored accusations and drama. Just like life. Just like you. Just like us. It’s a succulent mix of feeling and emotions, just cold enough to make you say something naughty, but nice.

Scarypoolparty – Diamonds

The words are pop. But the music that surrounds them is a form of industrial/drum-bass hard-rock accumulation that is nu-metal but gentler on your soul. So, what to do about this injunction? It’s a fork in the road, no? It’s a wall that can’t be climbed, right? It’s a puzzle that is uncommon, but secretly you’d like it to be world-wide. Confess, damn it. Alejandro Aranda (aka Scarypoolparty) spent much of his time busking around Los Angeles and performing at backyard parties but things turned around for him quickly when he received a spot on American Idol. Scarypoolparty due to make his London debut with two sold-out shows at London’s Colours Hoxton on 9th with support from Violet Skies and 10th December with support from Toby Johnson. So, what to do with this musical conundrum? Well, get you ass out and see him perform. That’s the only solution, yo.

MAMADEAR – A Better Cigarette

Comprised of Kelly Bradway, Dan Wilson and Parker Bradway, classic Americana-country vibes flow out like rain and drenches you with calm harmonies of love and affection. They’d opened for the likes of John Legend, Martina McBride, Brett Eldredge, CAM, Chase Bryant, Kristian Bush, Charlie Daniels and Michael Ray. The band has spent the past two years honing in on their sound and what they want to portray as a group. And continuing on, the trio of artists, try at pulling at the symmetry of life and the calamities that might get us down. Mamadear wants us to know that there is always something to be gracious and loving about living in this world – small or large. Through music they share their philosophy in what can be achieved, forging a direct route to a better self and by proxy, a better world around.


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