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Wes Chiller Shares ‘Burnin Up’. “Killer, at heart.”

WES CHILLER is killer. The veteran of music and stage, the artist has been on tour from his years as a 17 year old. Now, a decade on, the vibrant and energetic soul, with the touch for writing songs, comes at us with ‘Burnin Up’, a classic surf-tinged rock n’ roll-tastic vision.

Impressions from this single is big and well, stupendous. With understated formation of chords and pace, the seductive undertones are deliciously played and diced for our consumption, within that Brit-rock, Rolling Stones, kinda way. Attentions to actuations, and habits in timing, lets us to be hooked and re-hooked, velcro-style, into his single.

Included in his upcoming EP ‘Chiller Instinct’, the California coast, Hawaiian shirt donning, classic chill-vibe disseminating artist, keeps the fires burning in this single.

Said Wes on this single: “‘Burnin Up’ is a motivator. I wrote this when I was at the brink of accomplishing a major life goal. It’s about stepping in and taking what’s yours in this world.”

Told ya.

Killer, at heart.

Now, he wants us to join him in his next chapter of his life. A transition – a turning point – that is opportune and majestic to his plans.

Let’s see how this will roll, shall we?

Wes’ latest project exists because of his collaboration with his friend and producer, Kyle Krone (the former Shys frontman and songwriter). The relationship is tight, and is something to keep your eye on.



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