Wes Reeve ‘Don’t Worry’ : Story emboldened. Tantalizes with delicious revelry.

Wes Reeve

Melancholy has nothing on Wes Reeve. In ‘Don’t Worry’, it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. A lullaby of beauty, it’s the supportive mother’s touch that brings confidence back to your life.

Having gained wide-scale press support, Wes Reeve has been gaining a reputation for beautifully floaty indie-pop, her stylings have grifted (in the best way) our hearts and minds, for the better. Her songs are written through a stream of consciousness and draw heavily from childhood memories and classic fairytale narratives. ‘Don’t Worry’ feels beautifully therapeutic and wholly profound in the smallest and largest of emotional personality.

A gumption and vibe that is familiar and story emboldened, Wes Reeve tantalizes with delicious revelry.

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I saw the sun

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