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Wesley Jensen & the Penny Arcade Share Single ‘All’.

Molly wasn’t the girl she wanted to be, within this time and space. Her image of herself suffered. Her dream was to be an astronaut – a worthy and famous astronaut. She remembers how she played with planes, and space ships, pretending to be in the heights outside of the Earth, providing useful research and experiments that helped man-kind. She’d land back again onto home-Earth, then go on to the University and contribute with powerful arguments in science and properties which assisted in eradicating the ills of our Human built landscape.

Back then, her imaginations and ambitions, made her warm and happy.

She’s forgotten the meaning of ‘happiness’ these days.

She hasn’t felt ‘happy’ in a long time.

The two car garage, the perfect 2.5 kids and husband, are rewarding in their own right. But something was missing.

It was a ‘different kind of happiness’ she sought.

At the toy store, she bought her planes and space ship models.

Her ambitions had to be found, once more.

Wesley Jensen & the Penny Arcade consists of: Wesley Jensen, Steve Phillips, Gunnar Ebeling, Andrew McMillian, and Ramon Muzquiz.

Live up to what can make you happy.

Do it.



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