Western Automatic ‘Desert Eye’ : What you need in the upcoming heat of the city.

Western Automatic

Rowdy. Hectic. Thumpin’. Thrustin’. Western Automatic’s ‘Desert Eye’ is a grand plan of rock and vibes. Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age simmer, quickly turns into that blaring kettle of heat and compressed scalding steam.

Originally formed in 2013 as a backing band for singer Alex Chadwick’s solo material this eclectic group of musicians quickly realized there was more to be gained through a cohesive writing project and Western Automatic was formed. After releasing their first EP in early 2014 this modern alt-indie rock group quickly found and audience with some radio air play and live shows in venues, ranging from 100 to 1000+ capacity, around their home city of Chicago.

‘Desert Eye’ is what you need in the upcoming heat of the city. Sweat pouring off onto your desperate skin, you long for some sustenance of that cooling rock-ness.


The Chicago based indi/alt rock band consists of Alex Chadwick (vox/gtr) Ben Norsworthy (gtr), Sam Ocean (keys), Jake Longardner (bass) & Dave Brandwein (drums)


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