Westerner ‘Yesferatu’ : Charmed over by the affection, the band, naturally hurls at their fans and listeners alike.


Driven by lead vocalist Cooper Bombadil, Westerner would be incomplete without Mike Gattshall (drums) and Brandon Valerino (bass & vocals).

Cooper said: “Saw some vintage, pulp, vampire art on Instagram. The images were probably from erotica novels or comics, so I thought, “That’s not Nosferatu, that’s Yesferatu.” It was bouncing around my head for awhile. I just thought it was funny. Brandon showed me this groove he had come up with and I needed something to write about, so on a whim I started writing lyrics about this character, Yesferatu.

“He’s like a vampire in that he’s immortal and sort of magical, and if your love life is lacking you call his name out and he’ll appear and satisfy all your darkest desires. He’s a mythical perfect lover who lives in urban legend and rumor. The lyrics are people whispering about him at a party and telling the uninitiated about him. It’s just a cheeky, pulpy version of an Anne Rice novel.”

Imagination in tow, Westerner’s glance for the band is effervescent in all of its offerings.

With whispering aura, stratified with their cheeky songwriting and delivery, the band’s undeniable attraction is evident. The sunlight of massive musical inclinations is charmed over by the affection, the band, naturally hurls at their fans and listeners alike.

‘Yesferatu’ is another that will get you to that essence.


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