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Wharf Cat Records ACLU Benefit Compilation Drops April 20th.

You know what? The folks at Warf Cat Records have a benefit compilation offering for us mortals. It’s an assortment of independent artist, engineers and manufacturers joining forces to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union.

It’s almost time!

The limited run album is a double LP featuring all new material from a range of many artists like: Merchandise, Palberta, Pop 1280, Profligate, The Men, and Alice Cohen.

Compilation Track List
1. Dollar Band – “Too Sensitive”
2. The Men – “Shimmer and Shine”
3. Psychic Blood – “Dissident ”
4. Mail Thief – “Pliable”
5. Ornament – “Faithful Essence”
6. Alice Cohen “Hourglass”
7. Palberta – “When I Come”
8. Weeping Icon – “Ankle”
9. SIGNAL – “Park After Dark”
10. Old Maybe – “Making Alone (Demo)”
11. Snakehole – “Dorian Grey Elephants”
12. Pop 1280 – “When No One Cares”
13. Jeff Zagers – “Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day”
14. Abandon – “Calorie Giri”
15. Blanche Blanche Blanche – “Size Blind (Live in Brooklyn)” 2016)”
16. The Sediment Club – “B and the Electric Kill“
17. Kate Mohanty – “Priorities”
18. Merchandise – “Out Of Time”
19. Profligate – “Don’t Let Go”
20. House of Feelings – “Keep on Running (Black Cola Coffee Mix)”
21. Cheerleader – “Vain”
22. Horoscope – “Bri”

Buy the Compilation [HERE]



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