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What Did You Expect? Shares ‘National Anthem’. Chris Has His Methods.

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? is Chris Goode doing his best-est to be as political and lyrically explicit as a punk-rock-rocker can be. Well, at least as much Chris can in his capacity. There are many opportunities in this current world of our, for there are plenty of interesting subject that can be approached.

But this isn’t anything about human interest stories or any political upheavals – it’s about the music WDYE can deliver.

And we think in ‘National Anthem’ he delivers, whatever he’s trying to deliver, succinctly and direct to the point as possible. A second order topping of pepperonis does it justice, with some spicy and notable notes on this tracks.

The song is classically pop-punk and feels 90’s without the haze of a 360p music video we often see.

Chris cares. And he cares for your punk-young-soul.

But in his own way.

Chris plays the drummer in his bands: The Drunken Ramblings, She Bit Me First, and The Shapers.

‘Grow​(​ing) Up’ is his first solo EP and he’s excited (we assume). We’re excited for him too.

The EP is available now.



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