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WheezeBox // Johnny Cattini // The Swell Fellas // The Velvet Ants // Mesa Luna

WheezeBox – The Game

WHEEZEBOX’s single ‘The Game’ is about the game of life. And unlike in a game for enjoyment, we’re in the game of life for just survival. And when surviving, it’s just not fun and it drags you down to a sense of worthlessness. At the end of it all, we all just need to do living and doing what we love to do. “This song is about the pain of having a 9 to 5 job what you hate, and how it sucks the life out of you if you don’t figure out a way to make your living doing what you really love,” stated the band. Isn’t that the truth? It gets harder, as the energy to escape that cycle of just working to live, fades into a dull nothingness. We think within this blistering power rock single, the lesson (or the recommendation) is to break out of that and try to escape now. When you have the chance. The duo of Kristian and Pekka are in this together with you.

Johnny Cattini – No Woman

Singing along on the sidewalk of life, JOHNNY CATTINI’s singularly dancey single ‘No Woman’ is the bright beam of light to guide you by. The Boston based singer/songwriter wants you to dance a skip walking from work today. He wants you to notice the beautiful flowers in the subway, and smile about the fact that you noticed. He wants you to kiss your significant other, a bit deeper. He wants you to love the grandness of the world, with a bit more passion. Something to love, hold and caress, with no ulterior motives and no want of favors, will inspire and move you forward. Helping and caring, for yourself and for others – that’s where true happiness can come.

The Swell Fellas – Realm

Off of the debut LP ‘The Big Grand Entrance’, the fabulous and nostalgically beautiful rock-ness of THE SWELL FELLAS comes through in spades. ‘Realm’ is a classic AOR-esque delight of a single that has all of the bases covered, with heavenly guitars and vocals. Showing all of the best tradition of rock n’ roll of a past decade, demonstrated in a frame of contemporary lyrical works, ‘Realm’ is a power ballad that needs more folks to hear and enjoy. The thing that stays on your pallet is the ‘sexy’ guitar’s eminent power and grace – among others. The 80’s rock change of timing and layers upon layers of arrangements make this single a treat indeed.

The Velvet Ants – I May Feel So Calm

You may notice that dreamy chorus in ‘I May Feel So Calm’ by THE VELVET ANTS. It’s as creamy and smooth as it should be. The Washington D.C. based band formed in 2006 with their own dreams of making sentient and relative rock music. After many full length albums, they continue to offer sober shoegazy power guitars, where lyrics of existentialistic calm can revels at our feet; and does. The Boston based alt rock band has been adding a lot to the pot of fantastic music, and the scene has been enhanced for it. With catchy guitar riffs and delectable vibe, ‘I May Feel So Calm’ induces plenty of excitement and clarity to an arguably mundane world.

Mesa Luna – Dispel

MESA LUNA is a dream-pop/shoegze project by Vancouver artist Justice McLellan. And we want his music, more and more and more. ‘Dispel’ is a question of ‘pushing someone away who is pushing you away’, preemptively. Quite an immature predicament, no? But we all have done that before, haven’t we? We just don’t want to feel like being manipulated. We don’t want to be the one who felt was on the ‘losing’ end. We want to have an excuse to be the ‘smarter’ one. But all we want to prevent is to feel hurt. Unsure about the other, we can come to an impasse. A fork in the road that helps to highlight what needs to occur for a relationship to continue in a positive way. Sometimes it fails, with mis-communication, at the core of it all. Just gibberish, at the end of it all?? Non-sense. Let’s talk and make things better. Debut LP ‘Lash’ will drop March 22nd.


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