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WheezeBox Share ‘Cigarette’. The Power Chords…Makes Us Wanna Be ‘Dirty’ And ‘Unhealthy’.

A motorcycle would be perfect with this single ‘Cigarette’ by WheezeBox. And a box of actual cigarettes. Maybe ‘Lucky Strike’. Why not. Who needs lungs. Or health. Or breathing clean air. But the power chords in this song, makes us wanna be ‘dirty’ and ‘unhealthy’.

Sorry, maybe that’s going a bit far.

But a better questions is, will this fit great with a collage video about ‘Stewy’ of the show ‘Family Guy’ be appropriate?

Imagine the editing is done with all the ‘killings’ that ‘Stewy’ has done, or attempted – of Lois or any other character in the long running series?

Number 1: that kind of aggregation would be gruesome.

Number 2: it would be very bloody.

Number 3: we’d again be amazed at ‘Stewy’s’ athleticism.

And number 4: we’d realize how twisted ‘normal’ can be.

Rant? Yes. About this single? It’s the correlation of ‘Cigarette’ feeling like an intro to a mini-series of ‘Cops’. It’s that significant and notable.

It’s a good thing.

The duo from Finland, Kristian Jäntti and Pekka Ylisuutari, knows what’s up. They want to stay sane, in a world that could be very ‘insane’.

Hence we dig this kind of honest debate, in a sonic form.




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