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White Night’s Single ‘Summer Love’ Is Exactly That. The Secret Memories. The Private Smiles.

It’s your private knowledge. Your private memory. It’s you, plus him. It’s you, plus her. The fleeting thoughts during the coolness of the shade of the forest oaks, quenching the heat, but not the warmth for the other. You look up the tree branches, reaching out, stretching your arm – to the edges of the sun.

It was your private memory – of the touch, of the kiss, of the longing, of caressing arms intertwined. Intertwined in a magical dance, in thought and drama – heckled by the angst of unforgivable appetite for love, for justice, for the divine actions in making the self, whole.

You are my knight.

You are my always.

You make me smile, and make me bloom.

White Night is a Berlin / San Francisco duo consisting of Willi Leinen and Elizabeth Boardman.

The classically trained artists incorporate synth, strings, and ethereal vocals of Boardman, in producing sonic experiences appropriate for love, and opposite inklings of love.

June 11th they will be playing in Hannover, Germany @ Messe.



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