White Tail Falls ‘Fake News’ : Intoxicating, foreboding, mystical and inevitable.

White Tail Falls

With post-rock vibes that touch from every angle, this deeply impinging vocal / acoustic beauty is by White Tail Falls. The artist from the UK delivers with over-the-brim gorgeousness in expression, as the fulfilling story of human expectations and falsities. A combination of both that makes our daily interactions, a field of mines to tackle.

White Tail Falls’ debut EP, ‘Fake News’ and this title track is the third to be taken from his upcoming debut full album, ‘Age Of Entitlement’ (May 29th).

Said “’Fake News’ was written about four years ago and was inspired by shock and awe at how people draw their conclusions; betting the farm on such little evidence. All the while I’m reminded of how cripplingly indecisive I can be.”

Intoxicating, foreboding, mystical and inevitable – ‘Fake News’ lovingly captures a moment of emotions upon predications of personalities we all poses, flaunt, and exude. At times, it’s difficult see where the gray tides of existence and suppositions will take.

At least we have White Tail Falls to help us cope.

White Tail Falls is Irwin Sparkes. Ascension, unlimited.

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The video for #FakeNews is out NOW. (Link in bio) To celebrate I’m playing a #shed gig on #instalive today at 1600 gmt. Yessir. I’ll be joined by @alexanderwolfegram, who would have been supporting me tonight @spocmusic. It’s gonna be a quiet riot. This is the first part of three short films made by @craig_attacks for my single releases. This was shot on #BarcelonaBeach in 24 hours, on and after New Year's Eve 2019. That's right: it was shot outdoors. Watch the video and remind yourself what that was like. Noisy and too many people, by the looks of it … In this state of flux there was, understandably, some uncertainty about releasing anything at this time, but it's my hope this affords a little respite from your current situation. Don't know about "the show", but life must go on ⚡️ Barcelona, you’ve got a beautiful beach & you’ll be back on it in no time. #musicvideo #shotoniphone #trilogy #shortfilm #independentartist

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