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Whoa!: Animal that kills the most humans yearly? The Mosquito.

According to WorldAtlas.Com, the animal that kills the most humans, world-wide is the minuscule Mosquito. With 725,000* people killed by contact with the mosquito, it is the deadliest organism year-by-every-year.

(1) Mosquito – this insect doesn’t kill directly, but through its illness causing parasites (malaria, dengue, etc).
(2) Human – humans kill other humans through conflicts, wars, terrorism, murders.
(3) Snakes – bites are no joke.
(4) Dogs – was a surprise statistic for us, but it’s true. 25,000+ are killed by dogs, mostly because of rabies.
(5) Tsetse Flies / Assassin Bugs / Freshwater Snails – they all kill with parasites within them and spread them.
(6) Roundworms / Tapeworms – 2,500 die because of these. Yep, it’s not good for dieting. Don’t you dare!
(7) Crocodiles / Hippos / Elephants / Lions / Wolves / Sharks – combined only total 1,720.

*Update: 2016 mosquitos killed 429,000 human beings, according to

So, the largest animals kill the LEAST.

But just like Bill Gates put it, “..Sharks are cool, but they’re not even close to being the deadliest animal…”


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