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Whoa, no way! 15 Things Invented by the Nazis.

In general, the Germanic people have a reputation for precision, engineering, and innovative thinking to design. And because the Nazis in the early part of the 20th century did the same – because they were German as well, of course.

This list is of items we don’t think about being originally Nazis invented. But many of these things, we use (either for benefit or detriment) with very little guilt.

However, this list isn’t about despising particular weapons, companies, or brands. Because technologies have shady, dark, or sometimes despicable origins if one digs deep enough.

Whether in peacetime or in wartime, inventions are made for a purpose, that purpose are recycled by other companies or nations for their own ends. Rocket technology was invented by Nazi Germany. But it spearheaded Russian and United States space race. The Jet Warplane was invented by Nazi Germany, but it is the staple of ALL modern military of the world. And Fanta was a brand made because of lack of native ingredient in Germany for their troops. But brand was part of Coca-Cola, a US company. The profits from the Fanta sales still funneled to Coca-Cola.

It’s a gray maddening world sometimes, but it’s a norm. What we can do is to learn, absorb, and try our best to do better.

(1) Nuclear weapons project (Uranprojekt)

(2) Mass produced helicopter (Flettner Fl 282)

(3) Space planes “Silbervogel” (silver bird)

(4) Jet planes / fighter (Messerschmitt Me 262)

(5) Portable anti-airplane rockets (Fliegerfaust)

(6) Mega-tanks / modern tank philosophy

(7) Guided air-to-air missiles (Ruhrstahl X-4)

(8) Helicopter gun-ship (Fl 282 Kolibri)

(9) Audio/Cassette tape

(10) Amphetamines “Pervitin”

(11) Fanta (soft drink)

(12) “Jerry Can” Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister

(13) Z4 Computer

(14) Volkswagen car company

(15) Methadone pain killer


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