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Whole Milk // White China // Whilk and Misky // Gabriella Cilmi // The Moon City Masters

Whole Milk – Clinically Happy

Whole Milk is a surf jazz duo from Denver, Colorado. Alec Reid and Mariah George create an intimate soundscape influenced 1960’s surf, bossa nova & spaghetti western. Clinically Happy is the Single off of Whole Milk’s new EP, Rockmelon. Devoted summation of the emulsive vocals of Mariah, anchors with the understated vibrance that delivers with punch and scatter in ‘Clinically Happy’. The gentle swoops in a dual matched encore, elevates the lyrics, in this soup of understandings and incantations. Ripe for the taking, of heart and derision, the collapsing vibes of a man and a woman, revive with a turn of a second in flight, to find that cornerstone of love and infatuation, once more. Charming vocal offering, and chemistry to be felt through the speakers, indeed. See them next @ The People’s Building, Aurora Colorado November 30th.

White China – Facade

‘White China is an opportunity for me to express myself and go inwards. To be a vulnerable person… A departure from the nit-picky-ness of the other work I do”. A surreal remaining vestige of personal limits, tugged at the strings of his living vitality. It chimed in abhorrent shimmer, destined to remind the soul that it’s time to rot. The sweetness of it all, outwardly and upwards, dissipated the core longing for creativity and passion. Inward and into the center of me, we must, trek in ernest. Off of the latest LP ‘II’, the dynamic writers of song and motion, inevitably seek out the deepest sense of it all, with emotional triumphs, falls, and that hell on earth of being in neutral.

Whilk and Misky – Where Stars Die

“We just lost the love we started out with. Being in the major world distracted us from the reasons we started doing this in the first place. Social media targets and 3-minute edits to our art were hard pills to swallow.” says Charlie, “it affected our integrity as artists and knocked our respect for the audience we trusted.” Where Stars Die is about a midnight walk of wonder. It’s like trying to figure out the meaning of life then looking up and losing yourself in the infinite possibilities of the universe. “I feel we are back to our roots and stronger than ever,” says Nima, “we have been writing a lot of material and are inspired to keep writing more. We can’t wait to share it with our fans and play it live again.” Latest album ‘Blood Moon’ out now.

Gabriella Cilmi – Safe From Harm

You can’t forget Gabriella Cilmi’s vocals. Earthy, gritty, and a voice that is about and of us all. The artist with the the songs that are of another generation, she simply and effortlessly mixes ol’ Opry vibes with the Americana Folk that just exudes with confidence and delight for the listener. Peeking into some psyche feelz at the whimsy of her powerfully capable vocals, she commands the stage of sound, as she throws out perfection from one to the other. Her lastest EP ‘The Water’, Gabriella flies with zero restrictions and fan-tabulous beauty. Said Gabriella: “I’m so happy to be able to share this EP. The experience of writing these songs, helped me navigate through a lot of self doubt and lay down the foundations to something wholly authentic and exciting.” Working with her brother Joseph as co-songwriter and Eliot James as producer, the three stripped her music to the core. ‘The Water EP’ is the bravest, most explicitly honest thing Gabriella Cilmi has ever done. “I went to a Catholic girl’s school and we always started the day with a hymn,” she recalls. “My brother always jokes, that I’ve got this massive cross to bear! I’m a really loyal person but I also have this thing where I do have this guilt and that’s what I deal with in my songs, and in my music.”

The Moon City Masters – Ghost

The planet of Moon City sent their best band to bring harmonious, soulful rock and roll to the people of Earth. The Moon City Masters play positive, feel-good rock music with catchy melodies, funky basslines and crunchy riffs. “Ghost” is a tune that musically invokes some of our favorite elements of band like Free and The Beatles. The song lyrically is really a coming of age tune about looking at your dreams, regrets, and overall plans for how your life would work out. The song is all about facing those ghosts. Eric Martin-like vocals and highs to leave you satisfied, the gang lights up the night sky with this dang charm named ‘Ghost’. Throw in charisma and the rockin’ vibes at strategic points, the song amplifies with exuberance and continuity.


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