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Whooda Thunk Shares ‘Soul For Sale’. A Slice Of The Proverbial Hip-Hop Goodness.

On a distant land, there was Whooda Thunk. The species was well known by scientists, but was only from second hand reporting written down in manuscripts from the future past. But now, the beings that laid down the base for what had been millennia of planning, came to collect on what was promised to them.

Their galactic significance meant a new beginning of our world. Connecting this and many other terrestrial planets, Whooda Thunk, preached of tolerance, and vision.

But particularly distinct in their nature was their keen insight and interest in finding the strange world of sonic waves and their results. ‘The Beats’ Whooda Thunk would call them, would be sought after and examined, for administrative use for their souls.

“To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Whooda Thunk originates from Kalmar, Sweden, and in folklore, they disputed the traditions for rap and hiphop, to dig deeper to the core of it all. Influenced by bands like Korn, Aphex Twin, and movies like Donnie Darko, Whooda Thunk is unpredictability.

The world turns, as the experiments in music by Whooda Thunk, continues.

Get into the oddity and fabulousness.



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